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Episode #5 of the Beteiligungsbörse Deutschland Podcast with Marcus Linnepe

Future viability instead of historical research - automated financial planning in real time

The current episode #5 is all about Marcus Linnepe and his personal journey as an entrepreneur, the challenges companies face when planning and managing companies, the use of artificial intelligence combined with a look into the future. In summary: "Future viability instead of historical research - automated financial planning in real time". The founder stands Matthias Wittenburg, Co-Founder Investment Exchange Germany in the podcast on the topic of investments.

The current podcast episode focuses on Marcus Linnepe and his personal journey as an entrepreneur. He explains how the idea for a toolbox for planning and managing companies came about and why the market needs CANEI. In summary: "Future viability instead of historical research - automated financial planning in real time".

He tells us how he came to do this, why analyzing financial statements is historical research and which investments he is and isn't proud of.

Find out when CANEI will be launching a sustainability module, what role artificial intelligence plays in CANEI and financial analysis and how the world will change in the future at Beteiligungsbörse Deutschland. It's worth listening in.

The program is presented by BB Beteiligungsbörse Deutschland GmbH and hosted by co-founder and Managing Director Matthias Wittenburg. It is aimed at investors, entrepreneurs, consultants and all other market participants. Every second Friday, this podcast is all about the exciting world of investments. The show not only offers insights into the company of the respective guest, but also into their experiences with equity investments and addresses the specific challenges of the respective sector. This is supplemented by sometimes somewhat unusual questions that also introduce our guest as a person. The podcast thus promises informative and entertaining insights into the world of equity financing.

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About CANEI:

CANEI AG specializes in software-based key figure analysis and financial planning. The software enables automated data collection and financial analysis, customized planning and precise forecasts. CANEI revolutionizes corporate management through AI integration, interactive planning and individual recommendations for action. In addition to the P&L, balance sheet and cash flow, potentials are displayed in comparison to the benchmark and the bank view and debt sustainability are also shown. In addition, financing, factoring and leasing can be requested directly from the software.

In future, all business transactions can be recorded simply and easily using voice control and text input. The goal: constant and never-ending improvement for all entrepreneurs who want to get more out of their business.

About Marcus Linnepe:

Marcus Linnepe has been studying and supporting people in unusual entrepreneurial situations for more than 25 years. Over the years, he has been confronted with a wide variety of challenges as an entrepreneur and consultant. He and his team have conceptualized and implemented numerous restructurings and led corporate transactions to success. Start-ups, spin-offs, mergers, capital increases and IPOs are not new territory for us, but familiar terrain. In addition, he has solved negotiation and management issues both in family-run German SMEs and in an international environment and has coached numerous entrepreneurs and managers. His experience has shown that success essentially depends on inspiring the respective stakeholders and that a sound knowledge of methods is elementary, but not decisive. It is about "reading" negotiating partners and winning them over to the cause. In the end, it is always people who decide on the implementation of a concept or a negotiation objective. In this respect, he has closed a significant gap in the consulting world with CANEI

About the Beteiligungsbörse Deutschland:

The Beteiligungsbörse is the first platform in the German-speaking world to provide companies seeking capital with standardized support throughout the entire process of acquiring equity - from simple registration to the preparation and placement of suitable investors to the drafting and conclusion of contracts. Established partners such as Companylinks GmbH, the Hamburg Stock Exchange, CANEI AG and Pinsent Masons LLP support the investment exchange.

About Matthias Wittenburg:

In addition to Beteiligungsbörse Deutschland, Matthias Wittenburg is also the founder and managing partner of COMPANYLINKS, a leading platform for company sales in German-speaking countries. Prior to this, he worked in the banking business for 25 years, most recently as a member of the board of directors for Corporates & Markets at a Landesbank. He holds an MBA from Cardiff University and completed the Oxford Advanced Management and Leadership Program at Saïd Business School.